Entering the Vernice collection means discovering a new way of collecting, The exclusive opportunity to periodically meet the new Tricromia proposals in a virtual opening. A fantastic dive in the most original forms of the story in pictures.

Virginio Vona, with his comics and paintings, an impressive metropolitan forest, tells his story that we need to know!

The unmissable event is Virginio Vona, author and designer of the character Fenice, protagonist of the homonymous comic book. His works, realized with different techniques, represent the contemporaneity with its simultaneous times and its speed. In his paintings we find urban landscapes of futuristic cities. His works are on permanent display at the Angoulême museum and in Hall 2 of the Gare de Lyon.

Vernice art collection

VERNICE ART COLLECTION is a project curated by Tricromia International Art Gallery of Rome.

Since 1990 Tricromia discovers, promotes hosts illustrators and designers, artists and sculptors with a love for the “simple” art of drawing and also with a playful spirit (this is also art). It is not satisfied with the evanescence of an exhibition and puts in place a cure to stop the movement of those colors that come and go, which periodically settle on the white walls of the gallery and then fly elsewhere. Tricromia also becomes an art publisher. Together with the artists he decided to “fix” the beauty of those drawings in a publication.

Follow Vernice means discovering a new way of collecting, opening your knowledge to the most original forms of storytelling, giving yourself a fantastic immersion in styles and sensibilities of paths through the work of recognized talents and opening up to all contemporary expressive techniques.
Illustrators and urban artists, photographers, web-artists and 3D designers with a refined number of works in the virtual gallery of Vernice will alternate twice a week
Vernice collection enters the art market with a modern and sustainable key to encourage access to a new type of collecting with proposals outside the channels of the great art market, a minimum investment and favoring the passion of those who want to enrich, appointment after appointment, the knowledge to the most original forms of the story in pictures.