Beautiful idea of ​​Tricromia, a gallery that knows how to make art with limpid passion, to dedicate an exhibition to the kiss in the cinema inviting the cartoon world artists to relive with the sensitivity of the
their pencils are the lm scenes they loved. The inspiration was born from the New Cinema Paradiso
by Giuseppe Tornatore, the result is a sentimental journey between cinema and comic. But then there was
even a kiss between these two limbs, discretion requires us not to investigate. But it’s nice to think
in movies and comics as two lovers of almost peers who are chasing, meet,
they leave to recover in a wonderful centenary life. The soundtrack that you do
perfectly suited to this tireless love is a song-masterpiece by Ivano Fossati, which reads: Kiss on the mouth.
What is the Importance of the World
We’ll be forgiven, I’ll tell you
From a kiss on the mouth one day or the other. ”
All the designers involved in this anthology have drawn in love the cinematic lightning that has kissed
their mind. Only draw a drawing at the appeal of this exhibition, a poetic design by Franco Matticchio, who fears
the Disney strings decided wisely not to publish, but that can be talked about. In an old movie theater district on the big screen, the blue prince kisses Snow White. To enjoy the show, the only spectators, the seven dwarfs scattered in the room wrapped in their melancholy for a kiss ever given.

                                                                            Vincenzo Mollica